The Summit Difference

Our experienced installation team is trained in every aspect of the sign process. This is to ensure that if anything unexpected happens, they know what to do and how to keep the project moving forward quickly. Summit Sign and Graphics is set apart from the average sign company in this respect. Our installation team is well versed in city and county permits as well as construction techniques and how weather influences different signage. Part meteorologist part architect, our installation crew knows what goes into the final, and crucial stage of a custom project.


The Summit Scrutiny Guarantee

Before an order leaves our production department the production manager personally inspects the sign for flaws: spelling errors, vinyl bubbles, gassing (vinyl curing under lamination), etc.. Then, our installation manager inspects the materials that will be used to insure that average weather will not alter your sign over time. Once both department heads have cleared the sign, our shipping department packages the sign to make sure that any transport that may be needed will not effect the sign.

We stand behind the Summit Scrutiny Guarantee and what it means for you: a higher standard of customer experience.


Summit Repairs From Start to Finish

Summit Sign and Graphics has been serving the St. Louis metro area for many years and we know what customers expect from their sign company. Our experienced production and installation department have seen a number of poorly made signs from other companies looking only to get a customer's money. We take pride in our customer service and know that customer service does not end when your project is installed, but when a customer is 100% satisfied.

If a project needs to be redone or redesigned, it slows down the production of other projects, halts our schedules and is a wrench in our operation. It is also completely necessary if a project does not meet your expectations. When other sign companies push you out the door, we usually pick up where they left off. Give us a call today and ask us about pricing for sign repair, removal or to start a custom sign/design process from scratch.

Contact us today and find out how Summit can help you!