World Chess Hall of Fame

Project Completed: August 10, 2011

Design Concept: Arcturis Architects

About the Project

In 2011 the World Chess Hall of Fame celebrated its grand opening in St. Louis relocating to the historic Central West End neighborhood. The well known design firm Arcturis was tasked with transforming the 15,900 square foot former residence into the current home of the Hall of Fame. The most challenging hurdle was creating a space that was practical enough to accommodate the groups of people who would tour the building, while retaining the historic feel and architecture of the Central West End mansion. Having achieved the vision of previous projects for Arcturis, the design firm felt confident that Summit Sign and Graphics would be able to deliver a product that would be functional in nature while also remaining true to the concept of keeping the space classical. Summit Sign and Graphics successfully collaborated our cutting edge designs, materials and graphics with an older world fabricated look. The resulting product speaks for itself...

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