Weekends Only

Project Completed: December 20, 2010
Design Concept: Summit Sign and Graphics

About the Project

In a highly competitive furniture market, Weekends Only wanted their locations to standout from their competitors by creating a unique, high visual impact with their signage. Summit Sign and Graphics was able utilize our design and installation team to make Weekends Only’s vision a reality. Since Weekends Only Furniture Outlet is set up as a warehouse format, there were considerable challenges dealing with the size and layout of each location. The interior of Weekends Only Furniture Outlet is expansive and creating a concept and layout that was visually stimulating was quite the task. Working in collaboration with the Weekends Only Furniture Outlet marketing team, Summit Sign and Graphics achieved a look that blended well in the warehouse environment but had its own unique features. Due to such a sprawling space, large quantities of signs needed to be utilized to create ‘‘barriers” for the different variations of furniture.

We successfully implemented a design plan for all the signage that optimized the use of the space, while designing a fresh, cohesive look that complimented their brand. Summit Sign and Graphics also executed the design and installation for all exterior signs for the building. As with the interior, the size and scope of the structure presented it’s own unique challenges. Summit Sign & Graphics solely was responsible for the design, fabrication and installation that made Weekends Only Furniture Outlet stand out among the competition. Just as important, Summit Sign and Graphics delivered the project on time, within budget, and really enjoyed working with Weekends Only!

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