Rock and Roll Marathon

Project Completed: October 1, 2011
Design Concept: Traci Moor Graphics / Summit Sign and Graphics

About the Project

The Rock and Roll Marathon is a road running event that tours 29 cities, and came to St. Louis for the first time in 2011. The St. Louis Event and Management Company selected Summit Sign and Graphics to be a primary source of signage and displays. The event is not simply a race, but a visual show for the participants and with live bands, and strong visual graphics along the entire route throughout the city. Summit Sign and Graphic’s team worked hard to create displays that reflected the fun and vibrant style the organizers were seeking. In addition to our unique large scale graphics, we were able to orchestrate the construction and installation of the marathon’s marquee piece: a thirteen story tall, 120 foot wide translucent banner that hung from the Hilton Ball Park Plaza. We have the ability to cater to customized event graphics for any size that will create a unique, unforgettable environment.

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