Metropolitan Artist Lofts

Project Completed: January 15, 2012
Design Concept: Summit Sign and Graphics

About the Project

The Metropolitan Artist Lofts are the newest and most sought after loft development in Saint Louis. Located in the Grand Center area of the city the goal of the Artists Lofts was to create a space that combined the urban feel of loft living with a unique visual experience. Art is the focal point of these developments and much of the space is dedicated to it in the form of paintings, sculpture, dance and music. Summit Sign and Graphics was chosen by Dominium Development Company to handle the signage for the project. With artwork being the focal point of the lofts, Summit Sign and Graphics dedicated itself to designing and producing a product that embodied this. As you can see from the examples, our team was able to create, fabricate and install signage that was functional while staying true to the artistic vision of the Metropolitan Artist Lofts.

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