The Summit Mission

Our Mission

Provide dependable, creative solutions to the dynamic needs of our clientele.

Serving the St. Louis Metropolitan Area (Missouri & Illinois)

Summit Sign and Graphics is a family owned and operated company. We are dedicated to providing excellent service, while maintaining consistent quality - exceeding your expectations! We have a talented, experienced staff that provides complete customer service from start to finish. Our in-house staff of designers, project managers, fabricators and installers provides you with a single source for all your sign needs. Our products include a full range of standards and environmentally friendly exterior and interior signage that can be customized to fit your business' needs. Our team is here to help you succeed!

To Accomplish Our Mission We Must

Clearly understand the objectives of our clientele.

Support an environment that promotes creative thinking.

Constantly strive to be innovative and well educated in our field.

Provide the highest quality products achievable.

Core Values


Giving Back

Summit Sign and Graphics is a small business, but we can and do make a big difference. In the form of charitable contributions and volunteering, we try and give back to our community

to the best of our ability. All who work at Summit are strongly encouraged to volunteer their time at least once a month to a charity of their choice. There are

countless not-for-profit organizations in the St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas that do a great job, and all of them need assistance in some way. However, our

ability to donate to a wide array of these organizations is some-what limited. Because of this, we have decided to focus our efforts toward children. We often

donate to Make A Wish Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, T.A.S.K. (Special Activities For Special Kids), Lemay Child and Family Center, Immaculate

Conception Church and the list goes on. Not only have we found giving back helps the communities that surround us, but it has helped build us as a stronger team!


When it comes to being good stewards for the environment, and implementing environmentally friendly policies, Summit Sign and Graphics leads the pack. We strive each day to build on...our already impressive resume that's filled with environmentally friendly practices. Being one of the "Core Values" of our company, the team at Summit is dedicated to environmental stewardship. From recycling as many of our bi-products as possible, to donating money to environmentally driven organizations, we do what we can to make our community and the world a better place to live. These are a few, but not all, of the things we have done to help out:

We have increased the size of our recycling containers to equal our general trash containers so we recycle as much or more than we throw away.When possible, we can suggest to our clients environmentally friendly options for their materials. In many cases, we an use substrates that are bio-degradable, or that are comprised of mostly post-consumer products. When it's appropriate, we use old materials such as banners, etc., to package with rather than ordering new packaging materials.We've outfitted our installation crews with GPS systems so that they spend less time driving to their destination, and hence burn far less fuel.We donate money to organizations such as "The Nature Conservancy".

In addition to taking the time to weatherproof our building, we've upgraded our air conditioning unit to one that is 50% more efficient, and we also use energy saving light bulbs throughout or facility.