Determining the right solutions for your company or organization with regard to creative design and signage can be difficult. For many or most, the process can seem overwhelming, especially if you have never had a need for design or signage for your business. We are here to assist, and guide you through the process, so that you can quickly get back to what you do best. Whether it is your first time dealing with design and signage, or you happen to have a good degree of familiarity with it, our consultation will help you to achieve your objectives.


The consultation process consists of us actively listening to you, so that we can better understand your overall business objectives. This allows us to make recommendations for you that make sense, and set the foundation for a smooth process moving forward.


We will make a visit to your location and determine the measurements and specifications necessary to make sure your installation goes smoothly. We like to measure twice and build once in order to save everyone time and money. This is a critical part of the process and we don't mind stopping by when it's best for you, to ensure exact specifications.

Project Management

For large or extensive creative development/signage projects, there is often a need for professional project management. At Summit Sign and Graphics, we understand the importance of working together with all parties involved. We take a team oriented approach to project management, working alongside architects, designers, builders and owners to deliver the best possible outcome for the end user. Learn more...

Graphic Design

Once we have determined your objective, and understand where and how your sign/s can be installed and constructed, our creative team will work with you to develop options that will best suit your needs and the appropriate application to fit your budget. Learn more...


Once our creative team is confident that they have designed some viable concepts for your project, it is time for the proofing process to begin. Depending on the number of designs and complexity of the project there may be two or more rounds of revisions that are necessary to fulfill your needs.


Once you have approved the design concept along with the materials and specifications of your sign, we begin fabrication. The length of the fabrication process is directly related to both the number of signs and the complexity of them. We strive to meet, or exceed most deadlines requested by our clients. Before any signs leave our facility, they go through a quality inspection requiring the signature of two Summit employees.


Generally, the final step of the process is installation, where everything comes together. From large complicated projects, to small basic installations, we have the experience and capabilities necessary to make sure your signs are installed correctly, time after time.

Customer Service

Summit Sign and Graphics is well-known for its world class customer service. A big part of this is being available to our customers after we complete a project to address any issues that may arise. Our level of service is unsurpassed and you can feel confident that we will not walk away from a project until you are 100% satisfied with the end result.